Magmatism of the Earth and related strategic metal deposits

Event venue

Circuit of passage

                                                            Circuit of passage

The conference will be held in the conference hall of the South Urals State University, Miass, Ilmen mountains, Ural, Russia.


Registration for a conference will take place in buildings of the South Urals State University: 

August, 3 - on the second floor of the bilding on 8th of July (8 Iyulya) str., 10 (in the same plase where International School of Earth's Sciences I.S.E.S.-2017  will be held) 

August, 4 - on the second floor of the bilding on 8th of July (8 Iyulya) str., 10a (before the conference hall).

Because of heavy traffic down the 8th of July street, Organizing committee urges to pass it only on the Tukhachesky street cross, equipped with the traffic light.

Food during a lunch break, business-lunch will be organized in in cafe Pies & Dumplings (Pirogi i pelmeni) The cost of a business lunch is 250 rubles.

The banquet for conferecne participants will be organized in the evening on August 6  in recreation center Avtomobilestoitelya (it is included in an organizing fee for foreign participants).



The Ilmen Mountains is a part of South Ural. This place is famous for its beautiful scenery and unmatched diversity of minerals - have always been a mecca for scientists, geological students and mineral enthusiasts worldwide. 

Scientific study of the area started over 200 years ago when Russia and Europe first got to knew about the mineral riches of the Ural. The history of geological study of this territory is connected to the real giants of geology: A. Humboldt, G. Rose, V. I. Vernadsky, I. Menge, A.E. Fersman,.A. N. Zavaritsky, Korzhinsky, N. I. Koksharov, P. V. Yeremeyev, A. P. Karpinsky, D. S. Beljankin and many others.

In 1920 the Ilmens were declared a mineralogical reserve: one of Russia's first natural reserves. Now it was grown to the scientific and education cluster, including organizations in Miass and Yekaterinburg.

More information about town you can find here:  Miass Wikipedia.Miass 

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