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 All presentation in the Programn are Oral.

Oral presentations (except for specially stipulated cases) must be 15 minuts long, aftrer that - time for qustions and answers will be provided.

The entire poster must be mounted on a A0 (841 x 1189 mm) foam board. The board must be oriented in the "landscape" position (long dimension is horizontal).

Morning sections start at 10:00.

 The Conference will be focused on the following topics:

  1. Geochemistry, petrology and ore-potential of alkaline and related mafic and granitic magmatism.
  2. Resources of critical metals in magmatic complexes in various geodynamic settings.
  3. Petrology, geochemistry and metallogeny of oceanic magmatism.
  4. Mantle sources and processes controlling genesis of ore-producing magmas.
  5. Geochemical characteristics and metallogeny of subduction- and collision-related magmatism.

During the conference special will be held sections:

 Tethyan Magmatism and Metallogeny

Conveners: Changqian Ma, Jianwei Li, Muhammad Rehan Ul Haq Siddiqui , Hassan Mirnejad

Multiple orogenic cycles along the Tethyan orogenic belt have produced extensive magmatism and various mineral deposits that are related to geodynamic settings from oceanic subduction to continental collision.Tethyan domian thus provides ideal opportunities to study the formation and evolution of eastern Tethyan orogens, magmatism and associatedmetallogeny


                  High-Pressure Mineralogy: Theory and Experiment

 2017-01-23_13-06-44.pngConveners: Andrey Bobrov, Dmitry Zedgenizov, Hiroyuki Kagi, Ekaterina Sirotkina

The mantle and core occupy more than 99% of the mass of the entire Earth, and their chemical compositions are important to constrain the evolution and dynamics of the deep Earth. Recent observational and experimental investigations have significantly advanced understanding of the structure and constituent materials of the deep Earth. We welcome the scientists who study the structure, composition and dynamic evolution of deep Earth based on a wide range of research disciplines, such as high-pressure mineral physics, mineralogy, petrology, volcanology, geochemistry, geophysics, geodynamics simulations, etc., particularly focusing on those in the deep mantle and the core.     



  XI  International School for young scientists will be held in Miass contemporary with the ConferenceThe main aim of this summer school is to introduce young scientists to the state of art ideas in the field of Earth sciences.



All oral presentations (except for specially stipulated cases) must be 15 minuts long, aftrer that - time for qustions and answers will be provided.

The entire poster must be mounted on a A0 (841 x 1189 mm) foam board. The board must be oriented in the "landscape" position (long dimension is horizontal).




Welcome Speeches:


L.N. Kogarko,

academican RAS, charwomen of organizing committee, doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, professor

A.L. Shestakov,

rector of South Ural State University (National Research University), doctor of technical sciences, professor

I.V. Voynov,

director of Miass branch of South Ural State University (National Research University), doctor of technical sciences, professor

V.V. Maslennikov,

corresponding member of RAS, co -chairman of organizing committee, of organizing committee, doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, professor

V.N. Udachin,

director of Institute of Mineralogy UB RAS, doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, professor

The main questions of tectonics and strategical metals metallogeny

Puchkov V.N.

Plume complexes of the Urals and their metallogenic potential

Arndt N.

The Formation of Magmatic Ore Deposits

Alekseev V.I., Alekseev I.V.

Strategic metals in complexes of subalkaline rare-metal granites and metasomatites from the Russian sector of Asia-Pacific geodynamic zone

Bagdassarov N.S.

Vertical mass transport in continental lithosphere and magmatic metallogeny

Kepezhinskas P.K., Kepezhinskas N.P.

Adakites, high-Nb basalts and giant metal deposits in magmatic arcs

Coffee break


Kogarko L., Veselovskiy R.

Geodynamic regime of the carbonatites (absolute paleotectonic reconstructions)

Peytcheva I., Loretz M., Von Quadt A., Georgiev, S., Kounov, A, Gerdjikov, I., Guillong M.

Time scales of ore deposits: constraints from U-Pb zircon dating, thermochronology and Sr isotope geochemistry of the porphyry-Cu-(Mo-Au) system in Elatsite, Bulgaria

Kepezhinskas N.P., Kamenov G., Kepezhinskas P.K., Widom E., Foster D., Kuentz D. , Hennigh Q., Katella A.S.

Isotopic constraints on the sources and timing of noble metal mineralization in craton-scale paleo-placers: role of precambrian magmatism and plate tectonics

Fedik I., Peres P., Choi S.-Y., Fernandes F., Renaud L.

CAMECA IMS 1300-HR3: the new generation ion microprobe



Metallogeny of ultramafic rocks

Pushkarev E., Kamenetsky V., Gottman I.

Ankaramite – the primary melt for the Ural-Alaskan-type intrusions and the source of platinum group minerals

Stepanov S.Yu., Palamarchuk R.S., Kutyrev A.V.

Evolution of the chromite-platinum mineralization of zonal clinopyroxenite-dunite massifs of the Middle Ural

Palamarchuk R.S., Stepanov S. Yu., Khanin D.A.

Platinum mineralization of Iovsky massif, Northern Urals

Bazylev B.A., Ledneva G.V., Bychkova Ya.V.

Assessment of a trapped melt composition in dunite by rock geochemistry: a methodic and examples

Coffee break


Ariskin A.A., Spiridonov E.M., Nikolaev G.S., Danyushevsky L.V., Fiorentini M.L., Kislov E.V., Pshenitsyn I.V.

Sulphide controlled fractionation of PGE at post-cumulus crystallization of primitive olivine cumulate piles from the Yoko-Dovyren layered intrusion

Latypov R.M., Chistyakova S.Yu., Mukherjee R.

Towards a novel hypothesis for origin of massive chromitites in the Bushveld igneous complex

Kadebskaya L., Plechov P., Rudnev A.

Morphology and composition of ore-forming chromian spinels of the Levopayerskoe-I ore body (Polar Urals, Russia)

Poster section +  Ice breaking  



Petrology, geochemistry and metallogeny of oceanic magmatism

Maslennikov V.V., Tretyakov G.A., Мelekestseva I.Yu., Maslennikova S.P., Lein A.Yu., Large R.R., Danyushevsky L.V., D. Ishiyama D., Tseluyko A.S., Revan K.M.

Trace elements in chimneys as indicators of host rock composition and maturity of seawater/rock hydrothermal interaction versus magmatic-hydrothermal contribution to VMS deposits

Vernikovsky V.A., Metelkin D.V., Matushkin N.Yu., Vernikovskaya A.E., Zhdanova A.I., Travin A.V.

Magmatism of the New Siberian Islands, De Long Archipelago and Mendeleev Rise – implications for paleotectonic reconstructions for the Arctic

Kholodnov V.V., Fershtater G.B., Shagalov E.S., Shardakova G.Yu., Kiseleva D.V.

Riphean Magmatism Preceding the Disclosure of Ural Paleoocean and the Ore Genesis of Bashkir Meganticlinorium as a Reflection of Rifting Process Geodynamics


Shardakova G.Yu., Grabezhev A.I., Ronkin Yu. L., Azovskova O.B.

Variations of U–Pb zircon ages of granitoids from the copper porphyry deposits of the Urals, Russia

Plotinskaya O.Y., Baksheev I.A., Minervina E.A., Grabezhev A.I., Yapaskurt V.O.

Trace element geochemistry of scheelite from the Zhaltyrkol pophyry Cu occurrence, South Urals, Kazakhstan

Ledneva G.V., Bazylev B.A., Kuzmin D.V., Kononkova N.N.

Layered dunite-troctolite-gabbro series of the Gankuvayam ophiolite (Kuyul terrane, Koryak highland, Russia): crustal plutonic sequence of an ancient back-arc spreading center

Coffee break


Special Section: Tethyan Magmatism and Metallogeny

Mei W., MaC.Q.

Tectonic evolution and metallogeny of West Asia

Von Quadt A., Gallhofer, D., Georgiev, S., Peytcheva I.

Timing of magmatism and mineralization in South Eastern Europe (Western Branch of the Tethyan Belt)

 ZHOU S., QIU R.Z., Li S.R, Zhu Q.R, Lin D. and Zhao L.K.

Epochs of Intrusion-related Gold mineralization in the northern Tibetan

Baibatsha A.B.

The role of the paleozoic superplume in the formation of the geological structures of Kazakhstan with large metal deposits


Shniukova Kateryna
 Onshore-offshore Mesozoic to Paleogene magmatism of the Southern Crimea




Georgiev S., Peytcheva I., von Quadt A., Grozdev V., Marchev P., Serafimovski T.
Cenozoic magmatic activity of distinct magmatic areas of SW Bulgaria, Fyr of Macedonia and Norhtern Greege and its relation to the mineralisation


Klimentyeva D.N., Heinrich C.A., Von Quadt A.
Conditions of epithermal vein and massive sulfide orebody formation at Bor (Serbia)


Cvetković Vladica, Šarić Kristina, Prelević Dejan
Serbo-Macedonian Magmatic and Metallogenetic Belt revisited: four examples of the link between magma mixing and mineralization processes

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Ermolaeva V.N., Chukanov N.V., Jančev S., Van K.V.

Endogenic oxide parageneses with chalcophile elements in the orogenetic zone related to the “Mixed Series”of the Pelagonian massif, Republic of Macedonia


Varlamov D.A., Ermolaeva V.N., Jančev S., Chukanov N.V.
Pyrochlore-supergroup minerals from a nonsulfide endogeneous association of Pb-Zn-Sb-As minerals in the Pelagonian massif, Macedonia



Special Section: High-Pressure Mineralogy: Theory and Experiment


Eiji Ohtani

Physical properties of iron-light element alloys and composition of the Earth's core

Kagi H., Fujimoto C., Takahashi S., Shinozaki A., Nishida T. and Mimura K.

Pressure-induced reactions in organic compounds

Bobrov A.V., Tamarova A.P., Sirotkina E.A., Bindi L., Pushcharovsky D.Yu., Irifune T.

Minerals of sodium in the earth's transition zone and lower mantle: evidence from experiments and natural data

Inoue T., Kakizawa S., Noda, M., Takakuwa, Y.

Importance of various Al substitution mechanism into bridgmanite under high pressure

Sirotkina E.A., Bobrov A.V., Bindi L., Irifune T.

Titanium-bearing phases in the MgO–SiO2–TiO2±Al2O3 system at 10–24 Gpa and 1600°C): phase relations, structural features and solid solutions. 

Kakizawa S., Inoue T., Nakano H., Sakamoto N., Yurimoto H.

Determination of stability region and substitution mechanism of Al-bearing superhydrous phase B

Shatskiy A.F., Podborodnikov I.V., Arefev A.V., Litasov K.D.

Clinopyroxene–Mg-carbonate reactions at 6 Gpa: implications for partial melting of carbonated lherzolite

Coffee break


Alexey N. Kruk, Alexander G. Sokol, Yury N. Palyanov

Composition of a carbonatic melt in equilibrium with peridotite at 5.5–6.3 Gpa and 1350°C.

Chertkova N.V., Ohfuji H., Nomura R., Irifune T.

Behavior of C-O-H fluid in mantle processes: experimental study using diamond anvil cell

Yamane R., Komatsu K., Kagi H.

А new high pressure cell for accurate dielectric measurements

Kolesnichenko M.V., Zedgenizov D.A., Shchukina E.V., Litasov K.D.

Evidence for mantle hydration by phlogopite metasomatism beneath Arkhangelsk diamondiferous province



Kaminsky Felix V., Wirth Richard

Nitrides and carbonitrides from the lower mantle and their importance in the search for Earth’s ‘lost’ nitrogen

Ohfuji H., Asano N., Kagi H.

Understanding the origin of carbonado, an enigmatic polycrystalline diamond, through analysis of primary nano-inclusions

Zedgenizov D.A., Ragozin A.L., Logvinova A.M., Yurimoto H., Sakamoto N., Kuroda M.

Trace element chemistry of peridotitic garnets in Siberian diamonds

Reutsky V.N.

High pressure and high temperature carbon isotope fractionation in Fe–C system and its geochemical consequence

Martirosyan N. S., Shatskiy A., Litasov K. D., Chanyshev A. D.

CaCO3 and MgCO3 interaction with metallic iron: implication for the stability of carbonates in the deep mantle

Coffee break


Takayama Y., Ohfuji H.

Mineralogical characteristic of micro-inclusions in olivine in pallasite

Bataleva Y.V., Palyanov Y.N., Borzdov Y.M.

Sulfide mineralization of silicate mantle by reduced S-bearing metasomatic fluids and melts

Logvinova A.M., Wirth R., Skomorokhova A.V., Sobolev N.V.

Features of NI-rich sulfide melt inclusions in Yakutian diamonds

Tamarova A.P., Bobrov A.V., Sirotkina E.A., Bindi L., Irifune T.

Phase associations and partitioning of minor elements upon partial melting of model pyrolite under the conditions of the transition zone and lower mantle of the earth

Bendeliani A.A., Sirotkina E.A., Bobrov A.V.

Phase relations and formation of cr-rich phases upon melting of model pyrolite at 2.5–7.0 gpa and 1400–1900°c



Mantle sources and processes controlling genesis of ore-producing magmas

Pokhilenko N.P., Agashev A.M., Pokhilenko L.N., Vavilov M.A.

Kimberlites and carbonatites of the Snap Lake dyke system, Slave craton, Canada: unique type of primary association of ultra-deep origin

Srinivas M., Phanip.R.C.

Petrogenesis of a newly discovered kimberlite pipe in association with carbonatite at Khaderpet, Wajrakarur field, India

Safonov O.G., Butvina V.G.

Modal metasomatism of mantle peridotites: natural examples experimental constraints and phase equilibria modeling

Pokhilenko L.N.

Spinelide from the xenoliths of megacrystalline peridotites of Udachnaya kimberlite pipe (Yakutia)

Lebedeva N.M., Kargin A.V., Sazonova L.V., Nosova A. A., Kostitsyn Yu. A.

Cpx-Phl xenoliths from the V. Grib kimberlite (Arkhangelsk diamond province, Russia): isotopic characteristics and geochemical composition of Cpx and Phl

Muravyeva N.S., Belytsky B.V., Senin V.G., Ivanov A.V.

Virunga leucite basanites: mantle metasomatism or crustal contamination?

Selyutina N.E., Sazonova L.V., Nosova A.A., Kargin A.V.

Garnet megacrysts from the grib kimberlite pipe (arkhangelsk diamond province, russia): evidence of late modal metasomatism

Coffee break


Geochemistry, petrology and ore-potential of alkaline and related mafic and granitic magmatism

Arzamastsev A.A., Veselovskiy R.V.

Devonian alkaline magmatism of the northeastern Fennoscandian shield: precursory and subsequent events

Lianxun W. ,  Changqian M., Mushaal M.A.S. ,  Mohammmed A.I.M.

Petrogenesis and Significance of the Jebel Dumbier Alkaline-Carbonatite Complex from North Margin of Nuba Mountains, Sudan

Sharkov E.V., Chistyakov A.V., Bogina M.M., Shchiptsov V.V., Frolov P.V.

Geochemistry of the Mid-Paleoproterozoic Elet’ozero titaniferous syenite-gabbro intrusive complex, Northern Karelia, Russia

Yutkina E.V., Nosova A.A., Sazonova L.V., Laptsevich A.G., Kuzmenkova O.F., Volkova G.D., Sysoev I.V.

Sources and geochemical zoning of the devonian magmatism in the Pripyat-Dnieper-Donets rift zone



Vernikovskaya A.E., Romanova I.V., Matushkin N.Yu.

Neoproterozoic carbonatite-bearing complex of the Yenisei ridge: origin of magmatism in the south-western active continental margin of the Siberian craton

Zaitsev V.A.

Kontay intrusion (Polar Siberia) petrology, geochemistry, age and geotectonic significance

Makhatadze G.V., Plechov P.Yu.

Basement of the Siberian traps section in the Maymecha valley: petrography of the Pravoboyarsky basaltic tuff lavas filled with detrital quartz


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Wołkowicz S., Krzemińska E., Wołkowicz K., Jackowicz E., Czupryt Z.J.

 Geochronology of Catanda carbonatitic intrusion and surrounding granites (Angola) – preliminary studies
Kh Mohon Singh Petrographic Evidence of Magma Mixing in Kyrdem Granitoids, Northeast India, Meghalaya


Smirnova M.D., Sazonova L.V., Nosova A.A., Kargin A.V.

Three types of Clinopyroxenes from aillikite, Ilbokicheskoe and Chadobets uplifts, SW Siberia.



Conference banquet





Novel approaches to Earth Understanding

Fedik I.V.  Round Table: Local elemental analysis methods in geochemistry

Kynicky J. Smith M.P., Song W, Chakhmouradian A.R., Xu C., Kopriva A., Brtnicky M.

The role of carbonate-fluoride melt immiscibility in shallow REE deposit evolution: New evidence from the Lugiin Gol high grade REE deposit, Mongolia

Kozlov E.N., Fomina E.N., Mytsa D.D., Kirkin V.V.

Rare-earth carbonatites of the Vuori-Yarvi (Kola region): first results of the study

Varlamov D.A., Udoratina O.V., Burakov N.N.

Unusual monazites and Ce segregation process during alkaline metasomatosis of acid substrates (Kosyu ore field, Middle Timan)

Chebotarev D. A., Doroshkevich A. G., Sharygin V. V.

Evolution and formation conditions for pyrochlore-supergroup minerals of Chuktukon carbonatite massif, Chadobets upland (Krasnoyarsk territory, Russia)

Sharygin V.V., Doroshkevich A.G.

Multiphase inclusions in zircons from chuktukon carbonatite massif, Chadobets upland, Russia

Coffee break


Hou T., Wang M., Veksler I.V.

The origin of nelsonite and Kiruna-type apatite-magnetite deposits

Nikolenko A.M., Doroshkevich A.G.

Features of mineral composition of apatite-magnetite rocks, Mushugai-Khuduk complex (Mongolia)

Rass I.T., Petrenko D.B.

Zirconium and niobium enrichment  in the Kovdor carbonatite-phoscorite complex



Metodiev Stefan, Kouzmanov Kalin, Peytcheva Irena, Dimitrova Dimitrina, Stefanova Elitsa

A combined SEM, QEMSCAN AND LA-ICP-MS study of ore and alteration minerals from a new intrusion-related gold system in the Trun region , W Bulgaria

Rodionov N.V., Lepekhina E.V., Antonov А.V., Belyatsky B.V., Arzamastsev A.A., Sergeev S.A.

U-Pb SHRIMP-II dating of titanite and pyrochlore in Lovozero and Khibiny alkaline rocks and ores

Sorokhtina N.V., Belyatsky B.V., Rodionov N.V., Lepekhina E.N., Antonov А.V., Sergeev S.A.

Zirсon from the polyphase Proterozoic alkaline-ultrabasic massif Gremyakha-Vyrmes: U-Pb age, morphology, geochemistry and genesis

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Borisov А.А.

Ferric/ferrous ratio in silicate melts: What we know and what we don’t know about it


 Sorokina E.S., Nishanbaev T.P., Nikandrov S.N.

Genetic nature of blue sapphires in syenite pegmatites from ilmen mountains, South Urals of Russia: evidence from empa, la-icp-ms, and Raman spectroscopy

Krasnova N.I., Petrov T.G., Ruban V.P.

Systematization of garnet group minerals on chemical composition using the RHA-method

Moret M.P., Fedik I., Robbes A.S., Henderson C, Zamyatin D.A., Shilobreeva S. N., Senin V. G.

Quantitative microanalysis with electron probe SXFIVE